We love our pets – and our pet owner lists allow marketers to reach the right pet owners for their products.

Americans will spend over $61.2 billion on their pets in 2018. The top spend categories include: food, supplies/OTC medicines, veterinarian care, new adoptions and pet purchases, as well as pet services, like grooming, boarding, dog walking and dog-sitting.

According to statistics, the average American pet owner spends more than $1,600 per year on a dog and $1,100 on a cat.

Nothing is too good for our pets.  We provide them with filtered water, warm boots for winter, fuzzy blankets. We take endless photos of them, dress them in Halloween costumes and sign them up for all sorts of training. We have birthday “pawties” for them.

Pictures of puppies and kittens are the most liked / clicked upon posts in Facebook.

Any dog owner who receives an over-sized postcard in the mail with a compelling photo of a dog with children will look at it. It’s just the way it is.

There are over 15MM Pet Owners on our list. You can select dog owner lists, cat owner lists, or the more general pet owner lists. You can even select by the type of treats they enjoy!

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