People with a serious health problem may receive a policy with a graded death benefit. This means the coverage amount increases over time. It also means that beneficiaries won’t receive the full face value of the policy if the insured person dies within the first few years of it’s inception.

Any life insurance policy can pay for a person’s funeral. A person can instruct their beneficiary to use some or all of the death benefit for funeral expenses. But standard term and whole life insurance policies are simply not offered in low face amounts like $5,000. This is why final expense policies are important for people who only want to cover their funeral expenses.

Final Expense Insurance Marketing Lists

Dataman Group’s Final Expense Insurance Marketing lists target individuals age 48-75 in the lower-to-mid income ranges.

When  you qualify your prospects by income ranges, you further fine-tune the targeting on the list. After all, Insurance Agents want target the right audience for their needs and spend their time and money reaching out to the right people.

Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Door-to-Door canvassing are the most successful direct marketing techniques.

Basic Final Expense Lists start at $150.00This includes scrubbed telephone #s where they are available. SAN required to output scrubbed phone #s. Want to see a sample script?