This is a good conversation starter for appointment setting. It does not really need to tell everything at the start, but it does set the stage for you and your team to continue the conversation. Ask them the right questions and get the information you need. From what you learn here, you can then craft an effective solution to their problems. Just take it slowly and let the conversation take its course.

Building Rapport

In B2B Lead Generation, build rapport first and establish your relationship with them. The Master of Direct Mail Copywriting, Herschel Gordon Lewis always talks about building rapport to create that direct mail dialogue. Building rapport on the phone works the same way.

Once you have that rapport, it becomes much easier to ask your prospect for more information so you can ask for the sale. Don’t rush the process. B2B lead generation can take several calls or conversations before the final stage is reached.

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Be Smart and Scrub

Even though you are dialing businesses, make sure your data is scrubbed against the Do Not Call.

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