In terms of branding – if your company features an animal on your truck, you will definitely want to target market to this very niche group. Dog owners always want to talk to other dog owners.

Options on our Pet Owners Marketing lists

  • Homeownership
  • Home value
  • Dog, cat, bird or all Pets
  • Home owner age
  • Estimated household income
  • Modeled credit score
  • presence of scrubbed telephone #

Just to give you some numbers to help put pet ownership in perspective, here are some statistics you should consider.

Top Pet Statistics

  • The value of the pet industry in the USA reached approximately $99 billion last year.
  • Only 2.1% of all pets in the USA are insured.
  • Dogs are the biggest influence driving first home purchases among millennials.
  • More than half of millennial pet owners buy their pets gifts at least once a month.
  • In the past 10 years, American pet spending has more than doubled.
  • 45% of American pet owners spend the same amount of money or more on their pets’ healthcare as they do their own.
  • One in 10 American pet owners are putting off having kids or more children because of pet expenses.

Dogs are influencers

You did notice the 3rd bullet point on the list? Dogs being the influencer for first time home purchases. Just think about it, millennials and younger generations are willing to buy a house with a backyard just for their dog to run around. Rather than getting married or having kids, needing more space for their pets (dogs specifically) is the main reason a third of millennials cite for purchasing their first home. For those yet to purchase a home, nearly 42% admitted that their pet or the desire to have one would be a key factor in their decision to buy a house.

With this in mind, can you imagine how much Americans spend to upgrade their homes for their pets? The answer – is a lot! That’s why pet owner marketing lists are so responsive in the home improvement industry. In fact, in the water quality market, there is a special drinking water test used during the home visit. It’s just as important for dogs to have quality water as it is people!

Marketing to pet owners gives home industry marketers a unique marketing edge. Using a pet owner marketing list, combined with the right message, creative, photo and offer that relate to pets sets a business apart from the others. And lets the diehard pet owner know that they can do business with a company who loves their pets, too.


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