Our Weekly New Phone Connect Lists let you reach brand new phone connects on a weekly basis. This new & improved file includes both New Consumer Connects and New Business Connects.

We identify approximately 800,000 new phone connects every week.

The New Phone Connect Lists are compiled using telco and telco-verified data sources. These include data from RBOC, CLEC, ILEC, and Directory Assistance data providers. Please see the technical definitions below to learn about what these abbreviations actually stand for.

Be First in the Door

Many businesses want to be the first contact. When you use our New Connects List, you can be first in the door!

Companies in the home industry especially love this list.

New Connects are great prospects for home improvement, insurance, subscriptions, and more.

If you want to reach new people as soon as their phone is connected, this is your best shot! Likewise, this list is great for alarm companies, water treatment dealerships, blinds & window treatment firms. Similarly, swimming pool service companies,  lawn, landscape & pest control businesses are also big users.

New Business Connects

We love New Business Connects. They are great prospects for credit card processors, banks and office supply companies. Another big user group of this list are advertising specialty companies. This is the best – and fastest – way to locate new businesses. When speed is of the essence, this is the list you can turn to for results.


Technical definitions

*CLEC/ILEC –  A CLEC is a mini telephone company. CLEC stands for Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. These carriers are a result of the telecommunications act of 1996. This act sparked competition between local and long distance telephone carriers. An ILEC is an incumbent local exchange carrier. This is a U.S. telephone company that was providing local service when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted.

*RBOC stands for Regional Bell operating company. RBOC is a term describing one of the U.S. regional telephone companies or their successors. These are the entities that were created as a result of the breakup of American Telephone and Telegraph.

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