Our goal is to source data across many different categories and multiple industries, resulting in the compilation of a heterogeneous file. Normally, 85% of the records are added within six months of the child’s birth.
Marketers can sign up for our monthly service and get brand new names on an on-going basis or select recent births (for example, you can ask for the last 3, 6 or 9 months worth of New Births)

Life Insurance agents are big users of New Parents mailing lists. With new responsibilities, many new parents are eager to protect their families. Water Conditioning Dealers are also fans of our New Baby list. Parents want the purest water to mix formula, wash diapers & baby clothes and keep their babies healthy. This list lets Dealers reach new parents on an on-going basis each month.

New Parents Mailing Lists – Select Options

  • Home ownership
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Parent age
  • Dwelling unit type
  • Scrubbed Telephone number
  • Number of months since birth

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