There are many different categories of financial planning prospects. Financial Planners, Advisors, Stock Brokers and Estate Planners have many unique options they can consider for their marketing campaigns.

This particular article focuses on a unique concept that works very well for financial marketers – milestone birthday marketing. With Milestone Birthday marketing, you can focus on reaching top financial planning prospects at an opportune time.

Milestone Birthday Marketing

We also know that Milestone Birthday Marketing is a very responsive financial planning prospect program that allows planners to send out small monthly mailings to key age groups:

Continuity is key. Milestone birthday mailings need to happen every month like clockwork. Mail going out means leads coming in. This type of program needs to be consistent. It is an easy project to assign to a new hire or intern.

While individual monthly mail quantities may be insignificant, as a whole this group is massive.

Append Date of Birth Data to Create More Robust Financial Planning Prospects

Financial advisors, stock brokers and foundations should have the month/year of birth for everyone in their client database. If you don’t, this information can be appended to your file, along with lots of other data. This enables entrée to your prospects so you can offer the right message at the right time

Turning 70 1/2-ers are Unique Financial Planning Prospects

These turning 70 ½ prospects are not only great prospects for financial advisors, but also for charities and foundations looking for legacy gifts.

The first of wave of baby boomers hit this milestone last July. Those oldest boomers, born at the start of 1946, turned 70½ in this summer and will be followed at the rate of 10,000 people per day for the next 18 years.

Just a footnote on the Turning 70 1/2. This is the time that people who have not put their plans in place get serious about their retirement strategies. They start to think about legacy, charitable giving and business succession planning. They must also consider how to actually handle their Required Minimum Distributions. After all, failure to withdraw the RMD on time could result in a 50 percent penalty.

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NOTE:  if your firm has young partners trying to make their own book of clients, consider our New Parent list. This might be a great list of financial planning prospects for them. Have them read this article about lead nurturing parents of new babies.

BTW:  Have you ever used the 30 Minute Financial Report card as an offer in your direct mail?