Statistics show that 87% of databases are incomplete. They are missing data, email addresses or telephone #s.

More Great Reasons to Append Data

  • Enhance data integrityThrough the appending services you will get a complete and robust database. You can also get other demographic details of your prospects while appending – such as age, sex, income, credit score, etc.
  • Address Integrity: Apart from adding the missing info you can also get your data corrected. Some of the errors may include obsolete locality names; misspelled information, old zip codes; fraud names and email addresses. Once the data is verified, your file will be accurate. As a result, your delivery rate will improve and your response rate will increase.
  • Revive old contacts: It will help you in getting the latest customer contact details including name, title, phone, email ID, mailing address, state, zip, and more so that you can communicate even to old and lost customer contacts. The updated NCOA results will enable you to reach the ones who had moved out and re-touch them.
  • Data Appending also helps to gain competitive advantage. For that reason, it may open doors to new ways of marketing. Similarly, you can save money, time and
  • Affordable: Thousands of records are appended for just a couple of dollars. When compared to in-house costs that you will incur in updating your database, this one is among the cheapest ways and generates greater ROI.