Top lead nurturing segment for Financial Advisors – Parents of New Babies

Lead nurturing for financial advisors is about planting seeds, cultivating the prospects, creating relationships and harvesting new clients.

Financial advisors have to plant seeds. Parents of new babies can be a fabulous niche for the Financial planner who can cultivate this unique and targetable group.

With new responsibilities, many new parents are eager to protect their families

Parents of New Babies need direction. They need to set up 529 College Plans, buy life insurance, create a will.  This group needs advice on how to best save, invest and grow their money.

Lead nurturing for financial advisors can take many forms. It  depends on the company as well as the advisor herself. For a financial planning firm with young associates, Parents of New Babies may be a perfect focus.  This may allow a new person in your firm to develop their own client base.

Parents of New Babies – Facts

  • The birth of a child, particularly the first child, is a major life stage event for new parents.
  • Almost 1 out of every 2 births today is a first birth, creating enormous marketing opportunities.
  • Most first-birth families are also two-career families; working moms and dads with large, disposable incomes and no brand loyalties.
  • Even though they may have used their parents’ brokers or financial planners in the past, they now want to find their own resources.

In terms of lead nurturing for financial advisors, the New Parent list offers a monthly hotline, which means that each month, your new associate receives the list of the new births in your area, giving them on on-going lead source that allows them to consistently reach out to new prospects.

If your Financial Planning firm specializes in helping individuals reach their long term goals and, has the right people in place, Parents of New Babies may become a very profitable group for your agency.

Parents of New Babies  – List Select Options

  • Home ownership
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Parent age
  • Dwelling unit type
  • First Birth (where available)
  • Number of months since birth
  • Birth month / birth year
  • Monthly Hotline – providing new prospects every month

All data with telephone #s are scrubbed against the national DoNotCall list.

BTW – This is a great group for a free 30 Minute Financial Report Card offer. This is a great example of an offer that begins the lead nurturing process.