Target your best prospects

Zero in on the best Reverse Mortgage Mailing List prospects in your specific market by customizing the following selects:

  • Geography (zip-code, county, state).
  • Current home value.
  • Estimated current equity in home.
  • Mortgage Information.
  • Age of Homeowner (*most brokers use age 62+ for Reverse Mortgage mailings).
  • Presence of Spouse in Household.
  • Estimated household income.
  • Telephone number.
  • Ethnic surname overlays.

Marketing is about Timing

First of all, reverse mortgages are now considered “acceptable”. You need to hop on the marketing train.  Secondly, you need to educate the consumer. Your customers need to understand the benefits of the program. Last, there are literally tens of thousands of quality prospects in your market who could benefit from a Reverse Mortgage. You have lot’s of opportunity!

You can get scrubbed telephone numbers for a percentage of the file. We offer both landline and cellphone lists. You might also consider appending email addresses to your list. This way you can gain extra visibility in digital media. Above all, the more times someone sees you company name and message increases your credibility.

Many reverse mortgage companies are now using geofencing advertising to market their products. It’s the new way to generate mortgage leads. For more info, call our 0ffice at (800) 771-3282.

**2 hour delivery of your list – Monday through Friday from 9-5

Click here to read the MetLife’s Mature Market Study on Reverse Mortgages. This will give you national statistics provided by the NCOA American Housing Study. Therefore, this is good information for Reverse Mortgage Marketers