A Quick Overview of How It Works

This new way to generate mortgage leads will help your mortgage company stand out from the rest!

With addressable geo-fencing, we take the actual direct mail list and match it to create plat lines. Think GPS. Using this technology, the actual digital display ads are directed to the specific target group by their address.

In this case, in addition to receiving your piece in the mail, these consumers will also see your digital display ads when they look at their phones or home computers.

Many mailers who have added this option into their marketing mix start the digital campaign before the mail hits. This way they can start to get their name out and get a little brand recognition using a less-expensive medium. The concept here is to soften the recipient for the direct mail. This way, when the direct mailer hits, some groundwork has already been laid.

It’s just a fact. The more times and more ways the same people hear or see your message, the higher your response will be. That’s why addressable geo-fencing is becoming a real force in the direct marketing toolbox.