Dataman Group offers many different Refinance Prospect Lists , enabling Mortgage Marketers to reach different market segments with different offers, customized specifically for them.

Homeowners with High Interest Rate Mortgages

Dataman Group is able to pull Homeowners who took out mortgages during high interest rate periods.

Other Selects on this file include:

  • Home purchase price
  • Purchase date
  • Mortgage amount
  • Rate type (fixed/ARM)
  • Loan type (FHA/VA/Conventional)
  • Loan date
  • Market value
  • LTV
  • Age & estimated income of Homeowner

VA Mortgage Holders / VA Streamline Prospects

VA Mortgage Interest Rates are now at a historical low. Dataman Group’s sophisticated software can pinpoint your best VA loan prospects by targeting VA Borrowers whose origination dates were during higher interest rate periods. By using our VA Streamline Prospect list, marketers can reach the millions of homeowners who are set up to benefit from the FHA program for Streamline Refinance.

1st Mortgage holders

Select from:

  • Variable vs. fixed rate borrowers
  • FHA or VA or Conventional loans
  • Select by loan amount
  • Select by sale amount
  • Select by down payment amount or percentage
  • Select by loan transaction date.
  • You can select all mortgages or those with telephone #s only.

Also available as an on-going monthly service.

Lender Select

Select your list by specific mortgage lender. Many banks use this list to find specific prospects in their particular markets.

ARM Resets

Dataman Group’s ARM Reset Leads lets you reach Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders who may be facing a change in their mortgage payment in the coming months.

HELOC Conversion Prospects

Target HELOC holders to convert their current line of credit to a straight 2nd Mortgage or consolidate their loans. Select by:

  • Origination date
  • Loan amount
  • Geographic Area