Data Dez

Data Dez was born on March 30, 2015.

He joined the Dataman Group Team in May, 2015. DataDez faced a rigorous training schedule developed by Chief DataDog, Kobe, and Senior DataDog, Kaycee. They took little Dez under their wings and to show him the ropes.

Dez progressed through his training modules, passing each one with flying colors. He needed to learn to pass messages cleanly from one person in the office to another. By cleanly, I mean not drooling or eating the sticky note. Another training piece had to do with fetching . DataKaycee is our premier office fetcher. Every day, she gets the newspapers and periodicals. She can also be trusted to get the mail from our mail carrier without eating it. Dez – not so much.

DataDez became a full-fledged member of the World Famous Dataman Group Datadog Team when he recently turned 2. All the office staff and datadogs celebrated with him at his birthday pawty. He was surrounded by friends and family.

Dez is a bundle of energy who provides the entire Dataman Group staff with a lot of entertainment. He is quick to notify us when a car pulls up to the Dataman Group offices, very protective of our staff and, as such, we have promoted him to Head of Security. Data Dez also makes sure to sniff all staff and visitors thoroughly, to insure they meet his exacting standards before allowing them entrance to the office suite.

Every day at lunch, Data Dez and Data Kaycee are rewarded with a special treat to get them through their busy days.



DataDez graduates from pre-school
Data Dez Graduates. You can see from the tassel on his Graduation photo that he has passed his first tests!

Dez is part of the Dataman Group display