Data Kaycee Gets the Mail

Besides that, shipping and receiving are big parts of her job as she waits patiently at the door for daily shipments. She has friends in many places including the FedEx man, UPS, and the Office Depot delivery team. She also seems to know and befriend many of the cats in the area who she nurtures with her gentle nature.

Kaycee Filhaber enjoys helping empty the trash and walking it to the curb. Lunchtime is also a big part of her day.

Kaycee is a fabulous walker. She walks about 2 miles each day with her mom, DataDale or her special friend and dog walker, Maria. Every day, Kaycee looks for ducks and otters at the lake during her walk. She stops and sits when she see’s someone riding a bicycle, which is greatly appreciated by riders. She is also always up for a hello from some of the other dogs she sees on her walk.

After her partner Kobe passed away in January 2016, Kaycee Filhaber took on greater responsibility in the Dataman Group office.

Kaycee and her cousin Dez spend a good part of their workdays relaxing in their special corner of the Dataman Group offices, exhausted from their busy day at work!

Kaycee as a puppy with big brother Kobe

Kaycee enjoying the sunshine
Kaycee at 22 months
Kaycee and Kobe at Bark at the Park
Kobe & Kaycee at Bark At The Park with Data Ed Watching the Florida Marlins, June 2011

in her red bandana
Looking good in her red bandana!

Kaycee's glamour shot

Kaycee, a mature young lady at 8 years old