Those dealers who market air purification systems need to find the right air quality systems prospects. This means they need to market to people who are either health-conscious or understand that an air quality system can improve the quality of their lives.

Air Quality Systems are a necessity for health-conscious homeowners who want to provide the best environment for their families. This is your chance to focus on those specific market segments who not only need this important product, but who can also afford it. Many water quality dealers market air filtration and vice-versa. After all, quality air, clean water and nourishing food are the building blocks of a healthy life!

Unique Marketing Niche

Homeowners with Allergy & Respiratory Ailments

This Air Quality Systems Prospects Database is distinctly designed for the Air Quality Systems dealer. It focuses on individuals and households with Asthma, Emphysema, Allergies, COPD as well as Eczema + Psoriasis.  In addition to these specific ailments, we are also including individuals who use specific prescription medications to treat their respiratory ailments: theo-dur, ventolin, advair, albuterol, atrovent, azmacort, flovent, foradil, pulmicort, rhinocort, serevent, singular and vanceril, as well as over-the-counter medications such as Claritin/Claritin-D, Allerest, and Zyrtec.

The list is available for either direct mail or telemarketing. Since the quantity of scrubbed telephone numbers is limited, we believe direct mail is the way to go for this group.

Marketing Tip

Since these homeowners need an Air Quality System we strongly suggest that you test a direct mail piece that drives customers to your website or encourages recipients to  call for an appointment. Make sure you provide an offer they can’t refuse and you can earn a customer for life! You may also want to visit the EPA website. They offer lots of news you can use in your marketing.

As with all our lists, you can select only those zip codes or counties that fall in your territory.

And, in addition to our Air Quality Systems Prospects database, you can also Select from these highly responsive databases for your targeted mailing lists:

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