The year a home was built is a key driver for Roofing, Window/Door Replacement and HVAC companies and marketers who select their list by home year built can target the right homeowners for their home improvement products.

For example, in the HVAC world, air conditioners are typically replaced between 10-15 years after installation. Therefore, by selecting homeowners by home year built, business owners maximize their marketing dollars by reaching the best possible prospects for a new HVAC system.

The same follows for other home improvement products: window/door replacement, garage door, roofing, and patio decks. The home year built select allows Home Improvement companies to refine their prospect list so they contact only those homeowners who are in the market for their products.

The Dataman Property Owners File offers a wealth of information for home improvement companies looking to select the perfect prospects.  For example, Roofers can select by home age as well as type of roof.

Why waste $$ marketing to people whose homes are under 15 years old when you can target market to the right homeowners?

BTW – marketers can overlay homeowner age, income, presence of children and modeled credit onto the list, really refining it to their best possible prospects!