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Dataman Group provides Telemarketing Lists designed to make you money. Our lists are scrubbed against the Federal Do Not Call Registry as well as State and DMA Do Not Call lists. Telephone numbers are flushed twice-a-month so you can Call with Confidence and know that you are reaching consumers who are legal to call.

Our lists offer unparalleled accuracy, with Telemarketing phone lists formatted the way you need them.

Our calling lists offers you access to over 60 million households with telephone numbers, more than any other source. You can select from dozens of options, in addition to basic age & income criteria, including home ownership, dwelling type, age of home, presence of spouse, or credit card ownership. Our mortgage telemarketing lists range from sub-primes to credit-scored; debt consolidation to VA streamline prospects. Our Property owners telemarketing lists lets you contact homeowners who are ready-to-buy your products - customize our calling list your way - for example, if you're selling AC units, select homes 10+ years old and $200,000+up. Why waste resources? Let us help you narrow your tele-list to the best possible propects!

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Plus, we offer you many Hotline options - giving you access to prospects your competition can't reach! The New Homeowner and New Mortgage Lists offer you access to brand new listings on either a weekly or monthly basis. We offer Weekly New Connects for the business that needs to be the first in the door for either business or residential. The New Parents File allows you to reach New Parents at their optimum buying period. And, you must also consider testing Hotline data from our Behavior Bank Lifestyle Response List. This file allows you to reach unique prospects: Ailment Sufferers and Prescription Drug users, selected credit cards, pet owners, contributors to charities, investors, golfers, and long distance users. You should check out the category list on our site or call our office at (800) 771-3282 for a more comprehensive list of the possibilities!

With information updated monthly from white pages, regional Bell operating companies, a number of proprietary sources, and our special telephone activity date selector, Dataman Group flushes out as many disconnects as possible.

Confused about the new TCPA laws? They went into effect October 16, 2013 and may effect your Telemarketing Operation. Click Here for more information about the law.


Other Services:

Dataman Group also offers you Telephone Appending options, so you can update your own telephone lists and fine tune your telemarketing efforts by validating existing numbers against address, name, zip code and other variables.

Most lists e-mailed to you within 2 hours of your order.

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Quick Scrub Telephone Compliance Process

This new process lets you clean your existing tele-lists easily and cost-effectively - so you can call with confidence!

** Click HERE for more information + pricing on Dataman Group's new "QUICK SCRUB" Telephone Suppression Service.

NEW - Cell Phone Scrubbing.

Federal SAN required for any list with telephone numbers

Dataman Group specializes in Telephone Marketing lists, Telemarketing Lists, scrubbed phone lists, Calling lists and Do Not Call Lists for Dialers.

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