Additional selects on the Renovation Loan Prospects list include Length of Residence, Year Built, Home Value, Estimated Equity in the home, Family Size and Modeled Credit.

Remember, when you’re selling an expensive product – while the homeowner may want it, there is always a question of affordability. When people have qualified for a renovation loan, that obstacle goes away. These new FreddieMac loans are a great option when it comes to renovation loan prospects!

BTW – You don’t necessarily have to live in the home already; some home renovation loans can be used to buy a fixer-upper and make upgrades at the same time, giving you one loan to repay

The advantage of a  renovation loan is that it’s just one loan with one monthly payment; you don’t have to take out a loan for the mortgage and another loan for home repairs. Getting one loan cuts down on time and closing costs.

Telephone Numbers / Email Addresses are Available

Scrubbed telephone numbers are available. We have both landline and cell phone lists available.

We can also append email addresses to the list and  provide to you for your use.

There are 2 levels of email appending: Individual and household level.

Individual level is where we match first name/ last name/address. That typically hits 20%. For example, if we start with 25,000 records, we will net around 5,000. Or, we can append on a Household level. This means we match against surname and address. We typically match between 30-35%.  Based on a gross input quantity of 25,000, we would net about 8,500.