Businesses in the automotive industry who are looking to find new customers use our prospective auto buyers list.

The Prospective Auto Buyers List was developed from a random sample of consumers, matched to  Experian’s Insource Data and File One databases. This In the Market Model was created to rank order the likelihood of individuals being “in the market” for purchasing a vehicle.

Some of the features of the Prospective Auto Buyers List includes:

  • Predicts the likelihood of being ready to purchase a vehicle within the upcoming 5 months – there are different models for new and used vehicle purchases.
  • Can be utilized for list selection purposes – is Shelby Bill compliant
  • Utilizes Modeled Credit Statistics, which provide a powerful edge over generic demographic models, to effectively target and lift response for diverse marketers.
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard list selection purposes or as input to a pre-screen program.
  • Select from Very Likely, Likely, Average, Not Likely, Not Very Likely

This list has proven responsive for auto dealers throughout the country.

Marketers can also refine the list with age, income, presence of children (helpful for SUV / van buyers)

Parents of New Babies and Young Children are also excellent prospects for SUV vehicle sales

You can also overlay Modeled Credit Score  on the Auto Prospect Lists to further qualify the prospects. Click HERE to read about the modeled credit score overlay. This list can be refined with age + income information. First Time Auto Buyers are also available.