Pest Control & Lawn Care Prospect Leads for Mail & Phone

Pest Control & Lawn Care companies need to market to constantly grow their businesses and maintain their market share. Those companies who reach out for new customers will be more successful than those who just sit around and hope someone will call them from their on-line ads.

Year-after-year, month-after-month, the #1 List for pest control & lawn care prospects continues to be the New Homeowner List.  You want to reach new people as soon as they move into town. This way you can let them know that your company is the one to use.

Parents of New Babies are another excellent lead source. This list is updated weekly, allowing smart marketers to continually keep up with those families that have new babies.

One of the hottest new lists on the market is Eco-Conscious Homeowners. These Green Home Owners are concerned about their environment. If your Pest Control or lawn care company provides natural, non-toxic products, this group is for you.

Are you marketing Flea & Tick Control?  Consider reaching out to Homeowners with dogs & cats. February & March are the key months to get your marketing materials ready to go. Let’s face it, affluent pet owners will spare no expense to maintain both their pets’ and families health & well-being.

Whether these lists are mailed or called, these are the key market segments for pest control and lawn care. And, consider adding a digital component to your marketing strategy.

These databases are chock full of great pest control & lawn care prospects

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By-the-way – April is National Lawn & Garden Month. There are also other Industry-wide events, including World Pest Day and national Bed Bug Prevention Week. Put them on your marketing calendar so you can feature this prominently in all your marketing material. It’s great for your branding & reputation to be associated with a national initiative. Not to mention – the free publicity and recognition it will bring you!