Eco-Friendly / Green Homeowners – Our Green-Aware overlay lets marketers target Homeowners who are Green. These Homeowners think green and buy green products.

Green homeowners are concerned about the environment, global warming, and toxins in our air and water.

Some of the key home improvements, frequently purchased by green homeowners include:

  • solar heating
  • replacement windows and doors that keep out heat/keep in cool
  • water treatment products that use less detergent/chemicals
  • recyclables
  • non-toxic paint for both exterior and interior
  • radiant floor heating
  • upgraded appliances

Plus, there are dozens of products the green homeowners will buy, including natural cleaning products, smart light bulbs, new water meters, no-dye paper towels

 As I always say, direct marketing success is about tailoring the list to the message to the offer. In this case, it stands to reason that if you are using a list of Green homeowners, your message needs to reflect that as well. So – remember to use Green messaging to this very special market group! 

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We hear a lot about being kinder to the environment and how it is our responsibility as individuals to help reduce the rate of climate change.

For eco-conscious homeowners,  it’s about an attitude and behavior shift that everyone needs to make and small changes that will make a big difference. It’s about educating our children to grasp the importance of the commitment to respecting the environment and understanding that what we put in affects the world around us.

BTW – Pest Control companies have done very well marketing non-toxic pesticides to this group.