Direct mail works for dentists because it allows for a constant flow of material out. Therefore, it generates a constant stream of leads into the practice.

Most professionals in private practice successfully use direct mail to both get new clients and boost revenue from existing clients. But sending direct mail can be exceptionally lucrative for dental offices. That’s because direct mail can be sent to a very specific target market. And Dataman Group has the lists!

The American Dental Association (ADA) has lots of good information you might want to read. And, we have lots of information on our website and blog. Click here for some Tips for Dental Direct Mail.

One of my favorite tips: Appeal to emotions. Marketers should always seek opportunities to educate prospects on the specific value of a product or service. Consider focusing on the health benefits of dentistry. Use statistics about how healthy teeth prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.

A dentist in Cleveland generated a 4% return and 35 new appointments when he changed his creative. Cosmetic dentists who target the 20-40 age range need to focus on appearance = promotions at work.

Direct Mail is the top Acquisition Channel for Dentists
She’s happy because she got a great direct mail piece from her neighborhood dentists that encouraged her to make an appointment