Market Locally:

Invest in direct mail to target the households you want to reach. New print-on-demand technology lets you mail in small quantities. This way you can take advantage of “drip marketing”, which is awesome for a small business.

The drip marketing technique allows your funeral home to direct mail on a continuing basis without worrying about big minimums that made this program unaffordable for small businesses in the past. Continuity in your marketing outreach is really important.

You can also direct market preneed prospects by zip-code, or by a radius around your location. Your goal is to keep your name in front of the people who will be your best prospects. Direct marketing is the most efficient way to reach these households.

Expand Service Offerings:

If you want your funeral home to compete against the big brand names, consider expanding your range of services beyond traditional funeral arrangements. Explore options such as eco-friendly or green burials, cremation services, grief counseling, pre-planning arrangements, and memorialization options. Stay attuned to evolving trends and preferences within the funeral industry, and be prepared to adapt your offerings accordingly.

By providing diverse services that cater to a variety of needs, you can position your funeral home as a comprehensive resource for end-of-life services.

Embrace Collaboration:

Collaboration with other local businesses and organizations can help strengthen your position in the funeral home industry. Forge partnerships with hospitals, hospice centers, grief support groups, florists, and local clergy to expand your network and generate referrals. By fostering meaningful relationships with these entities, you can establish a reputation as a trusted partner for end-of-life services. This increases your visibility and enhances your credibility.


While established brand names may dominate the funeral home industry, independent funeral homes have unique strengths that allow them to compete effectively. By focusing on personalized experiences, leveraging local roots, enhancing online presence, expanding service offerings, and embracing collaboration, your funeral home can thrive and secure its place in the hearts of the community.

Remember, success lies in nurturing relationships, providing exceptional care, and demonstrating a commitment to serving families during their most challenging times. With the right approach, your funeral home can stand tall and establish its own legacy in the face of corporate competition.