Accounting Prospects – 2020 – 2021 Price List

For 2020-2021, the top markets for accountants, CPAs and EAs are New Homeowners, New Businesses and selected Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

New Homeowners

New Homeowners who bought their homes and condos in 2020 are perfect prospects for your Tax Preparation business. They must file taxes on their new home. For many people, this is the first time they are dealing with homestead exemptions or mortgage deductions.


500 names    $ 125.00
1,000 names $ 185.00
2,500 names $ 300.00
5,000 names $ 450.00

Available in either excel or in an avery label format – Same Day Delivery. Additional cost for pressure-sensitive mailing labels + $7.50 for shipping.

Monthly New Homeowner lists are also available for accountants who want to mail to new homeowners in their areas each month, with pricing starting at $60.00 per month

Note: Email addresses are not available for New Homeowners. The names are too new to be able to append that data.

New Businesses

New Businesses are great prospects they need monthly bookkeeping and accounting services as well as end-of-year Tax Planning. You can specify New business start date or subscribe to our New Business Service on a monthly, on-going basis.

1,000 names  $ 200.00
2,500 names  $ 350.00
5,000 names  $ 500.00

Available in either excel or in an avery label format – Same Day Delivery


Select small to medium sized businesses in key niche markets. This is an important time for accountants to replenish their customer base. While it is true that many small to medium-sized businesses may have closed as a result of the pandemic, others have thrived. Some of the industries showing increases include the Home Improvement industry, Medical device manufacturing, Medical biotechnology start-ups, Remote education technology services and software development, Senior living facilities, businesses that cater to seniors – just to name a few.

1,000 names  $ 200.00
2,500 names  $ 350.00
5,000 names  $ 500.00

This unique tax & accounting prospect list includes contact name + phone #. Email addresses are also available on  a portion of the file. Those do cost extra.

Emailed to you in excel – Same Day Delivery


All Tax & Accounting Prospects lists are customized to your exact specifications.  Call us at (800) 771-3282 for counts in your area.

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