Most accountant/CPA firms target businesses with 10+ employees. We omit selected business categories to narrow the list and improve your ROI. We drop categories such as government, public schools, Fortune 1000, banks as well as other accounting firms. These they are typically not good payroll prospects. You really only want to spend your time and marketing dollars reaching out to the cream of the crop.

Other accounting firms reach out to New Businesses or small + medium-sized existing businesses in the local area to find quality payroll prospects.

A few notes: Telemarketing is the top channel for this kind of marketing outreach. Because business hours are often 9-5, it’s easier to find a great telemarketer to make the calls. It is inexpensive. You can even hire a part-time person, pay them hourly plus commissions. As a result, telemarketing is great in the B2B world.

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