Last week a young man came riding up to my house on a Segway doing some door to door canvassing. He had on a uniform for a pest control company; the truck was parked at the end of the street. He was signing up homeowners for a special spraying for mosquitoes. He was personable, had all the tools he needed for his presentation – plus he had a legitimate product that we all needed, especially after a month of non-stop rain!8 out of 12 homes on our street bought the spraying service. Several homeowners bought contracts for quarterly spraying. Bottom line, door to door canvassing worked for this company.

Door to door canvassing can be very effective tool for lead generation. Marketers can tighten up their criteria, customize a targeted list and have it formatted in street / house number sequence to make their canvassing efforts more effective.

Here are some statistics on door to door canvassing that might help you, if you are considering implementing a door to door program.

  • 30-40 Door knocks a day can get you 3-5 presentations, or more
  • 3-5 presentation can get you a sale or 3
  • If you do this, 5 days a week, you can end up with more than 20 sales a month
  • 20 sales a month can easily turn into a sizeable income

The home industry (especially pest control, lawn services, water conditioning), insurance, final expense, non-profits, and political campaigns all generate solid profit when they generate leads with door-to-door canvassing.