Homeowners with High Available Equity

This new list uses an Estimated Available Equity data element to accurately predict home equity. The value of equity equals the estimated current home value minus the mortgage amount. If the loan has come to term, the buyer has 100% equity in the home.

Sale price, sale date, mortgage amount, and loan term are variables of this list, in addition to presence of telephone number.

Marketers are always looking for Homeowners with high home value and large amounts of equity. First of all, they are most receptive to many offers, including home equity loans and home improvement opportunities. This group is also targeted for purchase of second homes and luxury products such as vacation packages or luxury cars.

Furthermore, these homeowners may want to convert come of their equity into cash.

Homeowners with Low Loan-To-Value Ratios

This list of equity loan prospects uses a percentage of home loan amounts divided by the current market value of the home. The lower the Loan-to-Value ratio, the more equity the homeowner has on the home. Consequently, homeowners with low Loan-To-Value ratios are excellent equity loan prospects.

Direct Mail Responders

Homeowners, length of residence 5+ years, with presence of credit card, under 65 years of age. Estimated household income and/or home value are also available. This list is available with or without telephone numbers.

All of these lists are available for digital display advertising and addressable geofencing.