It doesn’t matter if you are selling Water Treatment units or Gutter Guards, the principal is the same. The key thing is getting the in-home appointment – and then acing it!

I read some great information about LeafGuard, a company that manufactures and installs gutter guards.  When I was a young new homeowners, I had no idea what a gutter guard was. So, I will explain. It’s either a one-piece specialized gutter or a gutter cover attachment that prevents debris and leaves from clogging a home owner’s gutters. As a homeowner who has had backup caused by clogged gutters, I know the value of this kind of item!

Anyway, the people over at LeafGuard surveyed homeowners across the country.  Their goal was to find out a consumer’s most important considerations  in scheduling. This was either scheduling an in-home appointment or an actual  installation with a home improvement company.

The questions they asked were:

Who do you let into your home?
How do you trust someone to do quality work?

Here are the results of their survey:

    • 71% of homeowners say that a sense of personal safety is very important or extremely important
    • 74.7% say it is very important or extremely important to be present when an installer shows up
    • 80.2% say that it is very important or extremely important to meet with a home improvement professional in person beforehand
    • 60.4% want to choose a business they have heard of it the past, saying it is very important or extremely important
    • 67% says it’s important to conduct research on the quality of the service in addition to researching the product / company.
    • 66% say that reviews are very important or extremely important when choosing a home improvement service
    • 11% view a warranty or satisfaction guarantee as not all that important or slightly important

So, what’s the takeaway?

Homeowners are concerned about safety. People want to do business with people they like and trust. Consumers want to have heard of the company in the past. This is where strong name recognition and branding come into play. And, they want to see reviews. Consequently, make sure your reviews are displayed prominently on your website.

Bottom line, Water Dealerships need to make sure their salespeople & installers give homeowners a feeling of professionalism and security during the entire sales process – from appointment setting, to the in-home appointment to the installation process – to be successful.

TIP: There are apps available in the marketplace that allow you to send a text message to your in-home appointment, offering a confirmation of time, a photo of the technician coming to your home along with their cell phone number. This provides homeowners, especially women, with the sense of security and safety that is so vital to a comfortable in-home appointment.

in-home appointment app