First of all, Gutter Cover dealers should only market to Homeowners.

Remember, you never want to spend your money reaching out to people who aren’t real prospects. Newspapers, ADVO, radio + TV don’t give you the bang for your buck. You only want to reach out to Homeowners in your specific dealership market who are solid prospects for your services.

That’s why Direct Mail and Telemarketing are still the two most cost-effective methods used to generate leads for Gutter Companies.

Great data for lead generation

  • Homeowners Realty File  You can target bonafide Homeowner prospects by very specific selection criteria. This includes home value, year built, homeowner age & household income. For example, you can select single family homes with home values of $250,000+up where the homeowner is age 45+up.
  • The New Homeowner file offers home owner mailing lists segmented by New vs. Resale transactions. The latest study by the National Home Builders Association shows that this is one of the purchases new homeowners make in their first 2 years in their new home. The list can targeted by home purchase price, and date of purchase. New Homeowners are great  leads for gutter companies. Those new homeowners who purchased resale homes are top buyers. You need to contact them as soon as they buy their home,  3-4 months after they purchased and again 9-10 months later.
  • Our multi-sourced National Consumer Database allows you to mix and match a variety of Homeowner selects with individual household demographics. You can select by dwelling type, homeowner age, household income, length of residence and presence of scrubbed telephone #. Plus, we can append email addresses to the list as an “after-market” process. By doing this, you can reach these prospects via multiple marketing channels. This makes your message more important.
  • Modeled Credit Score lists  Are you tired of reaching prospects who are turned down for poor credit? Our Homeowner mailing lists with credit scores is just what you’re looking for. You can also specify homeowner age and income to further tailor the list.
  • Weekly New Connects  If you want to be the first in the door, consider our weekly New Connect List. This lets you reach residential or businesses as soon as their phone has been connected.

Direct Mail gets you in the door

We know that direct mail is a winner. The 2018 statistics from the ANA/DMA show that the median direct mail response is a whopping 9% for mixed house/prospect lists and 6% for prospect lists alone. No other marketing medium gives you that.

All of our lists can be uploaded to on-line postcard print/fulfillment sites in seconds. As a result, you are assured that you are using the best list for your specific needs, while taking advantage of easy-to-use print & mail capabilities. It’s all about generating the best leads for gutter companies.

Setting appointments by phone?

Scrubbed telephone #s are available for approximately 10% of our total Homeowner file. You can customize your Homeowner list by home value, home owner age and household income to help you generate leads. Consequently, you can call with confidence. All our phone lists are flushed against the Federal, State, and DMA Do Not Call lists.

Cell phone lists are also available.

Make sure your company can be found by consumers quickly & efficiently.

If someone types in gutter covers into their search engine, can you be found? Likewise, does your brand connote quality and dependability? Furthermore, why should they buy from you?

Call the office today at (800) 771-3282. Let us explain how we can get you visibility in your marketplace. It’s probably the best investment in your business you can make!