Gutter Cover Dealers need to market to Homeowners only.

Dealer should never spend their precious marketing dollars reaching out to people who aren’t real prospects. Newspapers, ADVO, radio + TV don’t give you the bang for your buck. You need to reach out only those those Homeowners in your specific dealership market who can use your services.

That’s why year-in, year-out, Direct Mail and Telemarketing are the two most cost-effective methods used to generate leads for Gutter Companies.

Dataman Group offers several databases guaranteed to help Gutter Protection Companies pinpoint their best prospects efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Homeowners Realty File allows Gutter companies to target bonafide Homeowner prospects by very specific selection criteria, including home value, year built, homeowner age & household income. For example, Gutter Dealers can select single family homes with home values of $250,000+up where the homeowner is age 45+up.
  • The New Homeowner file offers home owner mailing lists segmented by New vs. Resale transactions, home purchase price, and date of purchase. New Homeowners are great home improvement leads for gutter covers! Those new homeowners who purchased resale homes are top responders and should be contacted 3-4 months after they purchased their new residence.
  • Our multi-sourced National Consumer Database allows you to mix and match a variety of Homeowner selects with individual household demographics. Select by dwelling type, homeowner age, household income, length of residence and presence of scrubbed telephone #. For mailers, we can even refine the file with Experian’s Summarized Credit Statistic data, which gives us aggregated credit information on a zip+4 level.
  • Modeled Credit Score lists  Tired of reaching prospects who are turned down for poor credit? Our Homeowner mailing lists with credit scores is just what you’re looking for. Homeowner age + income are also available selects on this unique file.
  • Weekly New Connects  For the company that wants to be the first in the door, our weekly New Connect List lets marketers reach residential or businesses as soon as their phone has been connected.

All of our lists can be uploaded to on-line postcard print/fulfillment sites in seconds. This way you are assured that you are using the best list for your specific needs, while taking advantage of easy-to-use print & mail capabilities. It’s all about generating the best leads for gutter companies!

Setting appointments by phone?

Scrubbed telephone #s are available for approximately 12% of our total Homeowner file. You can customize your Homeowner list by home value, home owner age and household income to help you generate leads. BTW- you can call with confidence! All our phone lists are flushed against the Federal, State, and DMA Do Not Call lists 2x monthly. 

Make sure your company can be found by consumers quickly & efficiently.

Nowadays consumers who need to find a Home Improvement Contractor often use Google or Bing, either on their mobile phone, tablet or home computer, to locate a professional. You need to make sure your business is well-positioned so you can be found when consumers are looking for you. Emergencies happen. Roofs leak, a homeowner finds termites, the AC goes out. These are the times when homeowners are searching for a resource and typically click on the top name on the list. If your business is not visible and your website is not properly optimized for mobile search, you will not be found.

Dataman Group’s Local-by-Local Search Team can help you get your business to the top of the list.

Call the office today at (800) 771-3282 and let us explain how we can get you visibility in your marketplace. It’s one of the best investments in your business you can make!