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Learn  more about a new way to generate leads for your water dealership.

Here’s a quick overview

There are 3 different options:

  • Geofencing
  • Addressable Geofencing
  • Competitive Geofencing

With basic geofencing, we are drawing a fence around the area you want to reach. Think GPS. Using this technology, the actual digital display ads are directed to the specific target group by their address.

With addressable geofencing, we take the actual direct mail list and match it to create plat lines.  In this case, you can also mail to your prospects.  In addition to receiving your piece in the mail, these consumers will also see your digital display ads when they look at their phones or home computers. We know that more times and more ways the same people hear or see your message, the higher your response will be. That’s why addressable geo-fencing is becoming a real force in the direct marketing toolbox.

With competitive geofencing, we can target people at your competitors locations. Think of reaching people leaving the local Home Depot with a message about your Dealership.

For the first time, this new technology is affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.  We are happy to offer this new way to Generate Leads for your Water Quality Dealership to you!


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