WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello checks in with our own Dale “Data Dale” Filhaber, president of Dataman Group Direct. This interview is called Staying Ahead in the New Age of Marketing. The interview talks about how the past year-and-a-half has shaped marketing for water treatment professionals.

It’s a fact that the pandemic has reshaped a lot of marketing priorities in all industries. This video digs into how marketing and communications for water treatment professionals have been shaped by the pandemic. We will also discuss the increasing consumer focus on both wellness and sustainability in this new age of marketing.

Data Dale also shares the top tips and tricks that have remained tried-and-true. These include reviewing key market segments and the most effective ways to reach new leads. The conversation provides actionable advice to both find new prospects and retain current customers. We also discuss the latest digital tools dealers should pay attention to.

Don’t Forget the 2021 WQA Consumer Opinion Study

“We are also focusing on the 2021 WQA Consumer Opinion Study” said Data Dale.  “The study provides awesome research and important information about the top market segments that buy water treatment products.” For example, 72% of consumers who purchased a water softener did so within 12 month of buying or leasing their home. This means that New Homeowners continue to be an important segment – even in today’s new age of marketing.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Lauren interviewed Data Dale. At that time, Dale suggested that the prognosis for the Water Quality industry was half full – not half-empty. Today, Filhaber views the water industry as a “glass three-quarters full” industry.

In this video produced by WQP magazine, Data Dale offers suggestions to excel in 2022 and beyond.

If you are a Water Treatment dealer, you need to watch this video! You will get some great tips you can use successfully in the new age of marketing!