Are all 240 Million individuals and 133 Million living units available for list rental?

  • No, the quantities for list rental will be different due to list rental filters that remove records such as do-not-mail and deceased flags. Raw list rental quantities are 264 individuals and 121 living units.

What is the breakdown by person type for the 240 Million individuals and 133 Million living units?

  • All persons (1-8) in the active 126 million living units. It includes deceased individuals within an active living unit so they can be available for enrichment and analysis purposes

National Consumer Database 1







What is the Recipient Reliability Code Breakdown of the 133 Million Living Units?

  • 84% have a Recipient Reliability Code (RRC) of 1-2, which are the the most deliverable records. This does not include ‘deceased living units’, or records that are designated for telemarketing use only.

How Often is the National Consumer Database Updated?

  • The file is NCOA’d monthly. New data is added to the file continually from new homeowner, new mover, new parent and new behavior bank hotline data. The data changes weekly. If you want to see updated statistics for the National Consumer Database, give me a call!