Families with Children lists have always provided water quality dealers with great response. They are considered the top leads for water quality dealers.

The 2019 WQA Consumer Opinion Study points out that households with children are far more likely to purchase a water filtration system than those without children.

  • Half the households with children (51%) said they’d consider buying a water filtration system in the future, versus only a third (37%) of the households without children.

We know that every parent is concerned about the long-term effects of sub-standard water on their family’s health and well-being. Filtered water provides a feeling of safety & security that every parent needs. Plus, there is the added value of energy efficiency and cost-savings that a Water system provides.  Let’s face it, families with children do a lot of laundry and drink a lot of water. Those families that can afford it want a system and want it right away.

Water Quality Dealers can select Families with Children lists by home ownership, child age, household income, home value, dwelling unit size as well as telephone availability.  You can also overlay modeled credit data to insure you are marketing to households who can afford your system.

Marketing Tip:

Response increases when you use the right promotional piece for this special market.  Make sure you target the woman in the household because she is your audience; she is the decision-maker. Be sure to feature a child on your mailer along with  a compelling headline that draws attention to your message. No need for scare tactics – believe me, parents are already concerned about the water their children drink.

These families are waiting for your offer, which makes our Families with Children lists great leads for water quality dealers.

Last – EPA Studies have indicated that young children, as well as the elderly and infirm truly benefit from filtered Air & Water. If your dealership also provides air purification services, this group has twice the impact for you.

Telephone #s are available for all our Families With Children Lists and are scrubbed monthly against the Do Not Call.



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