Every new birth is a new opportunity for Water Quality Dealers and homeowners with new babies are one of the top prospect groups in the industry. Let’s face it, New Parents are very concerned about the water they offer to their children. By targeting homeowners, you know you are reaching people able to make an investment in their children’s health. These new families are great prospects.

Many Water Quality Dealers have used our monthly New Parents list for years, generating great leads through direct mail.

Reach Them Every Month

Our New Parents mailing lists are updated weekly. We add fresh new names to the file on a continuous basis. We use more than 50 general public and proprietary sources,. These include newspapers, baby photographers, retail stores, diaper services, maternity clothing stores, and hospital gift pack programs. Consequently, this enables us to identify approximately 3,200,000 births each year.

Our goal is to source data across many different categories and industries, resulting in a strong, accurate file. Normally, 85% of the records are added within six months of the child’s birth.

Most Water Dealers sign up for our monthly service and get brand new names on an on-going basis. Or, you can select recent births if you’re doing a single mailing. For example, you can ask for the last 3, 6 or 9 months worth of Homeowners with new babies.

Water Conditioning Dealers are big users of our New Baby list. Moms are concerned about the quality of the water in their area. It’s no secret that water quality is not pristine in many markets. We know that lead and other pathogens in water are harmful to our children. You don’t need to deal in scare tactics. New moms are already scared. Your marketing copy & offer need to focus on keeping baby healthy.

Disposable diapers or gentle laundry detergent are responsive premiums for mail campaigns. Remember, moms want the purest water to mix formula, wash diapers & baby clothes and keep their babies healthy. Plus, new moms are very fussy about the water and laundry soap they use on baby’s clothing.

Buzz phrase: Investment. Homeowners with new babies are making an investment in their child’s heath AND in their homes.

New Parent Database Select Options

  • Home ownership
  • Parent age
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Dwelling unit type
  • First Birth (where available)
  • Scrubbed Telephone number   (very small percent of the file)
  • Number of months since birth
  • Birth month / birth year

Same Day Turnaround

For hints about marketing to this amazing market – download Data Dale’s book: Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers