USPS Gets “Phygital” with Informed Delivery

December 3rd, 2018 by

Informed Delivery: 12M Consumers and Growing

One of the ways the USPS is going “phygital” – combining print with digital – is with their Informed Delivery service.

After a consumer signs up for Informed Delivery, they receive an email with a digital image of what’s being delivered to their mailbox. The service provides companies with the ability to do an image replacement; instead of showing a low-resolution, black-and-white image of what’s coming in the mail, they can incorporate color and graphics. Plus, the image replacement is located at the top of the email, giving companies a way to get their marketing message front and center.

The USPS will match your mailing list to their list of Informed Delivery subscribers. This group wants to see a preview of their physical mail.

When Informed Delivery launched in 2017, 75% of overall consumers were interested in the service with 88% of millennials indicating their interest. This demonstrates consumers’ desire for an integrated, omni-channel experience.

Today, approximately 12 million consumers are currently using Informed Delivery, with 2 million of those users joining in July and August 2018, alone.

BTW – I love having Informed Delivery. I like having the preview of my mail, especially when I’m travelling. Last week I got an image from Macy’s, where I was able to click right into their catalog, which is truly one of the benefits of this new option. Great for branding, great for visibility – it’s a fabulous product with limitless potential. For business owners wanting to find out more information, Click HERE to check out the USPS Informed Delivery Guide.

If you aren’t already signed up for Informed Delivery, you can sign up for it HERE