Marketing Toolbox for water dealers

An effective Marketing Toolbox for Water Dealers needs to include a whole host of knowledge-based and best practice information.

Your want your Brand to inspire trust. So does the guy next door. Why should someone choose to buy their water filtration or softener units from you? Because you’ve gone out of your way to connect with them.

Every dealer needs to understand how to connect with new prospects. That’s why we created this Marketing Toolbox for Water Dealers.

Learn How to

  • Choose winning marketing channels
  • Develop a marketing calendar
  • Select  well-targeted prospect lists
  • Pair on-line and off-line communications


Marketing Toolbox – DataDale’s Water Quality Presentations on Slide Share:

Marketing Water Quality Products to Millennials  (2019 WQA Presentation)

A Look at Your Dealership in 2025 (DataDale’s part in a panel / 2019 WQA)

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How Water Quality Dealers Can Use the WQA Consumer Opinion Study to Target their Best Customers   (2018 WQA Presentation)

The Latest Buzz in Lead Generation (2017 WQA Presentation)

Using the information from WQA Consumer Study to improve your Dealership’s Lead Generation & In Home Presentation Results  (2016 WQA Presentation)

Direct Marketing – What Really Works   (2015 WQA Presentation)

Does My Water Dealership Really Need a Facebook Page?   (2014 WQA Presentation)

Lead Generation Is Vital (Dataman Group segment in Perfecting the In-Home Sale Webinar – 2014)

Take it to the Bank – Integrating Direct Mail & Digital   (2013 WQA Presentation)

Make Your Advertising Dollars Count    (2013 WQA Presentation)

10 Marketing Tips for water Dealers  (2012 WQA Presentation)

Top Marketing Techniques for Water Dealers   (2011 WQA Presentation)


Marketing Toolbox – Need To Knows

EPA Drinking Water Guidelines

WQA – Water Quality Association


More Great Reads in Your Marketing Toolbox for Water Dealers

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Acing the In-Home Appointment

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