Hispanic Homeowners are great water treatment prospects.

According to Pew Research, Hispanics make up close to 20% of the U.S Population.  They are also the nation’s second-fastest-growing racial or ethnic group, with a 2.0% growth rate.  This percentage is even higher in certain states.

We offer Hispanic Homeowners List so you can segment your list, and reach the appropriate people with the right message, or language. According to Simmons research, while 11% of U.S. general market consumers will make a purchase via direct response, fully 15% of U.S. Hispanics will do the same.

You can still apply the top criteria for water dealers: Modeled Credit Score, Age, Income or Purchase Date. Hispanic Homeowners are also great prospects for telemarketing.

According to 2018 statistics:  72% of Hispanic Millennials are buying healthier food & drink than last year. This shows that this community is interested in healthier options for themselves and their families and are more likely to buy a water filtration system. Statistics also show that the percent of hispanics attending college has also increased – and we know an educated consumer places more importance on a healthy lifestyle.

If your dealership is in California, Texas, Georgia, New York or Florida, there is no question that hispanic homeowners are great water treatment prospects and a market segment to be targeted.

TIP: We have the ability to run list of Hispanic New Homeowners in certain parts of the country.


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