Our Green Aware list overlay allows Water Quality Dealers to target Homeowners who are environmentally conscious. This Green Aware segmentation is a highly predictive model. This model that allows us to determine who is Green. The model was developed by Experian, a leader in predictive modeling.

If your Dealership’s brand is eco-consciousness, you need to promote that brand by reaching out to consumers who think and act green.

These Homeowners are big believers in the benefit of a continuous source of clean, quality water. They can use this for their refillable water bottles. Above all, these are values they pass onto the children and friends. Certainly, they are very proud of the steps they take to preserve our environment.

Dealers can also focus their marketing and sales presentations on other factors that are essential to green homeowners. These include the savings on soaps & detergents. Remember, it’s not just money, it’s also the kind of soap that is healthy for the environment.

You might also want to stress that softer water saves wear & tear on textiles. In addition, it is healthier for plumbing and appliances. We know that hard water can clog up the workings of appliances.

These are all important green benefits that resonate with this highly responsive group of Homeowners.

This is your chance to promote the products that further your brand, save your customers money, and conserves our natural resources. This group is identified by the Water Quality Association as the future!


Green Homeowners are great water treatment prospects – they respond well to offers that incorporate energy-savings premiums, including refillable water bottles, energy efficient soaps & cleansers.


P.S. Are you Marketing to Millennials – they are interested in environmentally thoughtful solutions and are also driving sustainable packing trends.  Before they buy something, they consider the impact their purchase will have on the environment.  Studies also show that they will pay more for a product they feel is environmentally sound. BTW – They are the driving force behind water in a box.