Disposable diapers or gentle laundry detergent are responsive premiums for mail campaigns. Remember, moms want the purest water to mix formula, wash diapers & baby clothes and keep their babies healthy. Plus, new moms are very fussy about the water and laundry soap they use on baby’s clothing.

Buzz phrase: Investment. Homeowners with new babies are making an investment in their child’s heath AND in their homes.

New Parent Database Select Options

  • Home ownership
  • Parent age
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Dwelling unit type
  • First Birth (where available)
  • Scrubbed Telephone number   (very small percent of the file)
  • Number of months since birth
  • Birth month / birth year

Same Day Turnaround

For hints about marketing to this amazing market – download Data Dale’s book: Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers