The 2019 WQA Consumer Study found that concerns about contaminants and a healthy lifestyle/quality of life are considered the most important factors influencing the decision to purchase a water filtration product.  In fact, more than 75% of individuals who buy a water filtration system do so to safeguard their families and enhance their health and wellness.

Consumers continue to be concerned about contaminants in water, food and air. The study also shows that consumers would be willing to pay for a water filtration system that removes contaminants, lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals and biological waste.

New Parents, Ailment Sufferers, New Homeowners and Families with Children are all top water filtration and water conditioning customers.

We also offer Lifestyle data that lets Dealers target households who are interested in a Healthy Lifestyle using data from the Behavior Bank, a compendium of lifestyle, behavioral and demographic data on more than 53 million U.S. households… data that can help you locate prospects for Water Treatment Services.

Plus, we can overlay home ownership & modeled credit on our Healthy Lifestyle households – which means Dealers can reach out to people who are looking for a product to improve the quality of their lives and can afford it.


Individuals with a Healthy Lifestyle. Select from the Healthy Holistic, and Image Shaper groups.

Good health is always in style!

Have you seen DataDale’s Presentation: Marketing Water Filtration to the Health Conscious Consumer?  Presented at WQA 2018, this slideshow can be downloaded for free. Dealers will get lots of great ideas that they can put into action right away to build their brand, grow their reputation and increase their bottom line.

By reaching out to specific groups of prospects with the right message, dealers will up the lead generation coming into their Dealerships.

You might also want to read DataDale’s article in WQP Magazine on Marketing Water Quality to the Health-Conscious Consumer.