I’m Over Ads that tell me “We’re in this Together”

May 27th, 2020 by

If you’re like me, you’re getting tired of brands’ “in these uncertain times” messaging. Telling me that we’re in this together.

There is no question that as consumers, we appreciated brands’ acknowledgement of the moment. We felt comforted by this messaging. It felt like brands understood what we were going through.

However at this point, many consumers have tired of these empathetic messages. Surveys are showing that people are ready to move on from the “we’re all in this together” ads.

Consumer perception

The Morning Consult has been closely tracking consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors in the context of the coronavirus since the outbreak in early March.

Victoria Sakal is the Managing Director of Brand Intelligence for Morning Consult. She explains: “Early research found that acknowledging the moment and appropriately communicating with and comforting audiences had strong potential to translate to everything from increased affinity in the short-term to unbreakable loyalty in the long-term.”

For many consumers, these empathetic messages may have run their course. We have seen brands very emphatically empathizing with us so they can remain visible. Many of them have been using the catchphrase during “these uncertain times”.

As consumers, we still want to know how a company’s products or services can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We want to know how they can help improve our well-being.

We just don’t want this messaging to feel self-serving.  And, we’ve really been inundated with this tone for the past few weeks.

Where do we go from here?

Research from the Morning Consult shows that people may be ready for ads that offer a little levity. Many consumers have adapted to the “new normal”, including social distancing, face masks and zoom calls. Some people may ready for some humor.

But the end result is that brands need to show the value they bring to the table. They need to show us how they can improve our lives. This needs to be done in a clear, tangible and creative way.

Many brands can make their case using tried and true direct marketing. This would be a great way to show their value, tell their “new normal” story and stand out from the crowd.