Our Homeowner Realty File offers companies the ability to target their prospects by very specific selection criteria, including year built, presence of swimming pool, and home square footage. For example, you might pull single family homes built prior to 2004, with home values of $200,000+up. Plus, this is the only list which allows you to include demographic criteria. You can actually select a list of swimming pool owners with children under 6 years old.

Many home improvement companies use the Year Built select on the homeowner realty file to locate homeowners whose homes are 15+ years old. For example, HVAC and Roofing companies are looking for older homes for their lead generation efforts.

Other unique options on the homeowner realty file includes home and lot square footage, number of bathrooms and heating type.


Right now, we are seeing an increase in home equity. Borrower equity rose to an all-time high in the first half of 2019 and has more than doubled since the housing recovery started. Due to low mortgage rates, this rise in home equity supports spending on home improvements.

Aging Baby Boomers are doing major renovations in their homes so they can age in place. Some of the projects include updating bathrooms, adding elevators and widening hallways. Likewise, homeowners are changing door handles, adding walk-in tubs and remodeling their kitchens. Gutter companies are selling gutter tops to older homeowners who can no longer unclog their gutters from Fall leaves.

Affluent homeowners are redoing their pool and patio areas and upgrading their outdoor lighting. Similarly, garage floors and walls are also getting upgrades.

The homeowner realty file lets Home Improvement companies fine tune their prospects and reach the right homeowners with the right offer.