Business owners need to take a creative approach to generating leads. For home improvement companies, one of the most unique and responsive marketers are ailment sufferers. Smart home improvement companies can select ailment sufferers lists and market to them with specific messaging that is geared to them.

There are people who need specialized home improvement products & services to live a quality life. This means pure water, clean air, personalized power & generators, walk-in showers, or electric stairs. Companies that contact ailment sufferers with an offer they can’t refuse will win their business in a heartbeat.

Examples of how a home improvement company can target ailment sufferers in their area to sell their products

  • Air Quality Systems – Asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis sufferers
  • Water – psoriasis, emphysema, diabetes, kidney disease, diabetes
  • Walk-in Bathtubs – arthritis, back pain sufferers. Also think golden homeowners
  • Generators – Cpack and oxygen users

I’m sure there are many others.  Just think of the products and services your company offers and who needs them most. Consider getting your staff together to brainstorm. There are lots of products your business can sell in the home improvement industry by marketing to ailment sufferers. It’s a great team-building exercise. You will get great input from both your inside and outside salespeople who deal with consumers every day.

It’s no secret that creative businesses will generate solid leads in the home improvement industry by marketing to ailment sufferers.

Diversify Your Products to Cross Sell Your Customer

We are also seeing Water Quality companies add Air Quality services to their menus. For the most part, these two industries are looking at similar prospects. That being households who will benefit from both pure air and pure water services. Many other companies in the home improvement space are also adding new products, repairs, or service contracts to maximize cross-selling opportunities.

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