What are Your 2018 Marketing Goals?

December 28th, 2017 by

Every marketer needs to reflect on their personal 2018 Marketing Goals.

As part of my 2018 Marketing Goals, I’m going to use integrated marketing technology to engage with customers and prospects using a multichannel approach, capitalizing on mail, cell phone marketing, Facebook advertising and email.

Integration is important because it allows me to optimize the Dataman Group brand experience for the customers I’m reaching, whether through mail, email, text, Facebook, etc.

Although I am a B2B marketer, I want to communicate with people like the B2C companies. With that in mind, I will be testing FB advertising to my business customers through their consumer FB portals.

I am also encouraging each of my customers to think about their goals and share them, as part of my own engagement strategy.

Since you’re reading this blog, please let me know your personal 2018 marketing goal.