Turning 65

Reach individuals who will be Turning 65.

They are great prospects for Medicare Supplement policies as well as other insurance products and are best reached via direct mail.

The Turning 65 list is sequenced in month order, beginning with the month you select. Select this list by zip-code, county or state.

Telephone #s are available for a portion of the file and are scrubbed against the Do Not Call twice monthly, so you can be assured of accurate, well-maintained data.


Up to 750 names & addresses + month/year of birth
1,000 names & addresses + month/year of birth
2,000 names & addresses + month/year of birth
5,000 names & addresses + month/year of birth

Telephone #s are available for an additional $25.00.

Your Federal SAN is required for any list with telephone #s.

If you have questions about the SAN or need to register for it, go to www.telemarketing.donotcall.gov

Add $25 to format & e-mail the file to you either in excel, .txt or in an avery label format


This is an Experian data. You can be assured of the high quality and accuracy of the information.

The list is guaranteed 93% accurate.