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Dataman Group offers you specialized prospect programs and mortgage mailing lists geared to helping you reach new customers. Our lists of renters help you pinpoint 1st time home buyer. Our lists of mortgage prospects will help you create qualified mortgage leads designed for top response!

Our mortgage marketing list and mortgage loan mailing list data is accurate and up-to-date, guaranteeing you high quality data for maximum performance. We offer mortgage mailing lists and mortgage telemarketing lists for all of the different products that you may offer; including mortgage refinancing, loan consolidation, streamlining, reverse mortgages as well as mortgage protection insurance.

Top List Picks for December, 2014

  • Enhanced First Time Home Buyers - These Renters are taking advantage of rock-bottom pricing on homes/condos and low rates on mortgages- these are top prospects for every mortgage company. The Enhanced First Time Home Buyer overlay really separates the basic renter data by looking at age, income. marital status, lor, ethnicity, modeled credit and geography. In the first quarter of 2014, 29% of new home sales were from First Time Home Buyers!
  • Renovation Loan Prospects - These Homeowners are staying put in their homes and choosing to renovate, rather than to move. This new Database is made up of Homeowners who have shown a definite interest in Renovating. Additonal selects include Year Built, Length of Residence, Home Value,Equity in the Home, Family Size and Modeled Credit.

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Select from these high response mortgage telemarketing lists and mortgage marketing list databases:


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Telephone numbers are available on most mortgage loan mailing list databases, so you can request mortgage telemarketing leads in your market today! Federal, State and DMA Do Not Call Lists are flushed from our files. Federal SAN required for all telemarketing lists.

We carry mortgage lists, refinance lists, mortgage mailing lists, mortgage insurance leads, renters, qualified mortgage lists, private note holders, seller carry backs, fha-va loan lists, b/c and sub-prime lists, credit score lists, Mortgage Trigger Data, 30-60-90-120 day lates, and lists with summarized credit statistics.