Direct Marketing Lists for Accounting Practices

For 30+ years, Accountants have been Increasing their Business with our Lists.

Dataman Group specializes in lists geared to the accounting industry. We have been working with accountants and tax preparers since 1980, providing direct mail lists that bring them new business year after year.

A new client is priceless.

Dear Dale,
Kudos to the Dataman Group New Home Owner list. I still have clients from the first list I bought from you 24 years ago. Thanks for helping me grow my practice.
Robert A. Manela, CPA Manela & Associates, CPAs Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441

Every Accountant & Tax Professional should have a marketing budget to bring in new tax clients. Since marketing budgets are generally limited, the goal is to spend advertising dollars wisely and target the best possible prospects in the marketplace.

Since each accounting practice is unique, it is most cost-effective to target those prospects group that make the most sense.

Typically, CPAs and Accounting Firms market to Homeowners for end-of-year Tax Business, market to Businesses for year-round accounting work or to grow the Payroll segment of their business and reach out to New Businesses to develop brand-new client relationships.

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To Increase the Tax Preparation business, the key target groups to consider when creating a targeted strategy are:

  • New Homeowners
  • Parents of New Babies
  • New Mortgage Holders
  • Divorced
  • Pre-Retired
  • Existing Homeowners
  • Existing Businesses

To Increase the Payroll Business, firms need to target businesses with 10+ employees, omitting selected business categories such as government, public schools, Fortune 1000, banks and other accounting firms.

To Increase the Commercial Segment of the practice, reach out to New Businesses or small + medium-sized existing businesses in the local area.

Descriptions of some of these key Target Markets are below:

New Homeowners

New Homeowners who have moved into their homes in 2013 represent the tax preparer's single most important market group! Yes, there are fewer New Home owners this year than in past years - which makes this group more important than ever before! You must reach out to these new homeowners before they make arrangements with someone else.

Select your prospects by zip-code and the price they paid for their home. We will select homeowners who purchased their homes and/or condos since January 1st. Face it, they must file taxes on their new home. If you impress them with your contact, your practice will be the one they choose!

Many tax preparers also order the prior year's New Homeowners, realizing that some families will switch firms after their first year. This group is also highly responsive. Not every New Homeowner had the experience they were looking for and will consider changing to a new tax professional who contacts them and makes them an offer they can't refuse.

Successful tax preparers mail to the New Homeowners in the last week of January, beginning of February for best results. Multiple mailings will increase your response rate dramatically.

Postcards are your best option for this mailing. There are several sites on-line where you can order postcards specifically targeting the New Home Owners, offering quantities of 250 cards + up.

Order your list early - so you have time to prepare your mailings during downtime in November + December.

New Businesses

New Businesses are excellent prospects! They must file taxes on their new business and they need your advice and this is the single best time to develop a relationship. Brand new lists are available on a monthly basis. Ask us for a count of the most recent new businesses in your area - our list is the most current in the marketplace today!

Homeowners with New Mortgage / Refinances / Debt Consolidation

All of these homeowners will need to file taxes as a result of their new loans. There are additional schedules to file that can often be very confusing to the consumer. Regulations change annually. This group absolutely must use the services of a qualified tax professional to take advantage of every deduction and interest payment they can. Many accountants also assist their clients in obtaining home loans.

Families with New Babies

For many of these families, this is the first time they will need to deal with deductions for their dependents. These new families have a lot on their plates and doing their taxes is a job best left to professionals. This is also an excellent time to begin building a relationship with these young families, who will also look to their accountant for financial planning services, including insurance and tuition savings programs.


Pre-retirees need serious tax planning, especially in today’s fluctuating market. The advice of a tax professional can help folks who will be retiring in the near future to strategically plan for their golden years. This is the #1 growth market for CPAs, since so many individuals have been burned by "financial advisors" are are looking towards an individual they can trust - a qualified CPA.

Survey-Driven & Modeled Data

Our lists show that over 13 Million households utilized the services of a CPA or tax professional to do their personal taxes last year. Of that group, 2.6 Million were in their homes under 2 years. This list will help the tax professional who is looking to target larger blocks of homeowners in a given market – but still reach out only to those local households most likely to use their services.

Existing Homeowners

While many tax preparers mail to all consumer households, it's much more cost effective to reach out to homeowners only, since they tend to spend more on their annual tax preparation than others. Plus, you can select by the age and estimated household income of homeowners as well as the zip-codes that best suit your practice.

This is an inexpensive, yet highly effective list.

Existing Businesses

Businesses represent consistent monthly business. You can select by SIC code (Standard Industrial Code) or business category, employee size range, sales volume, as well as zip-code. Some accounting firms specialize in particular business types - let us know and we'll be happy to locate them for you!

We have developed a Specialized Payroll Prospect File, designed specifically for CPA + Accounting Firms who are looking to reach out to these prospects by mail and by phone.

Click here to see a sample of the the data we provide.

Call us at (800) 771-3282 and we'll be happy to provide you with counts for the zip-codes in your market. We offer a special pricing program designed solely for the accounting industry. Ask us for a price list!

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It's important to stand out from the crowd.


There are several great resources that accountants and CPA can go to for sample letters, postcards and marketing materials. Please give us a call at (800) 771-3282 and we'll give you a list of companies you can buy your marketing cards from.